About AlienChain

Alienchain is a decentralized application development platform. Alienchain combines blockchain and smart contract to provide infrastructure for DAPP developers, so that developers can provide services for users by developing DAPP.

In order to meet the requirements of DAPP development platform, alienchain integrates new technical solutions and makes breakthroughs in transaction processing capacity, developer friendliness and user interaction.

Original code base, alienchain uses 100% original code base

Instant outcome, the transaction is completed in 5 seconds

High performance, up to million TPS per block on open network

Security, supported by alienchain BFT consensus

Alienchain core Based on users, based on business, and based on application

Alienchain is an open source blockchain platform. It is originally written in Java language. The transaction confirmation speed is as high as 5 seconds. It can develop smart contract and DAPP on the main network of alienchain
Alienchain public chain will provide a large number of encapsulation interfaces for developers and zero basic users to develop and use smart contracts.

How to be an agent

You need to download alienchain computer wallet, put it on a server with no less than 4 cores and 8GB, and submit 1 million ALC as the agent fuel fee

How to allocate?

The alienchain distribution scheme adopts the mode of airdrop, and circulates 1000000000 ALC. It generates additional inflation through agent mining, which is enough to support commercial use for packaging ALC, with unlimited inflation of 63 million ALC per year.

1,000,000,000 TOTAL TOKEN SUPPLY
63,000,000 Inflation / year
2017/12/1 Issue date
0.0001 USDT Initial price
21 agent
1,000,000 Surrogate fuel


Our roadmap is a planned where we take on the most complex problems and turn them into great solutions


Alienchain provides blockchain infrastructure, and developers can develop distributed applications based on alienchain. Through the domestic popular java language original preparation, it is an operating system, similar to windows, Android, IOS, Hongmeng and other operating systems, so you can easily understand!

What is the total amount of alienchain?

The initial total number of ALC is 2.5 billion (1 billion pieces have been destroyed and 1.5 billion pieces are in circulation). After upgrading to the height of 3020000, the number of ALC will be increased at a constant rate of 63 million each year.

Key words: "fast smart contract", "Java language", "Ethereum version 3.0", "dpos mining", "21 super nodes election", "public chain with the lowest market value in the world". Transaction time for confirmation of extraterrestrial chain: 5 seconds (extremely fast speed), transfer cost: 0.0001alc (very low cost) (Ethereum takes 10-20 seconds, the service charge is expensive, EOS needs 0.5 seconds, but the required server is very expensive and cannot be popularized, and it needs two rounds of node confirmation, and it takes about 3 minutes to broadcast the transaction, which can not reach commercial use). 100% decentralization, and users can manage mnemonics independently , private key.

According to alienchain, the 21 with the highest number of votes have the right to verify. The proxy after 21 is the standby node. The standby node can also protect the network security of the whole alienchain. When the number of votes you get reaches the top 21, the ranking will be adjusted after every 200 blocks.

1, 21 super nodes and backup nodes can maintain the entire extraterrestrial chain network to ensure that the network will not be damaged 2. Unorganized control right, the control right of extraterrestrial chain is controlled in 21 super nodes 3. At least 11 super nodes must agree to complete the upgrade. Otherwise, you can't make any changes to the external star chain network (of course, you must master all the codes of ALC, compile them, and get the approval of the exchange; otherwise, it will only be a bifurcation behavior) 4. Truly decentralized autonomy, the capital can forcibly control the control of the extraterrestrial chain (but the entire network must be maintained. If you are a destroyer, the ALC that you need to control when you destroy the entire extraterrestrial chain network will be enormous, and the cost of destruction is far greater than the benefits it will bring) 5. Community autonomy. When you become a super node, you have the obligation to promote ALC, which will bring you high profits in the future, and establish your own ALC super node community. Of course, if you do not promote any promotion, other super nodes with promotion behavior have the right to vote to intervene in the election campaign. Voting rule is an open and transparent behavior, and it is worthy of everyone's supervision, which makes it necessary for ALC to become a super node.